Join us in discovering an exciting and visual way to date
What is Chekmate?
Chekmate is the app that’s revolutionizing the way we date. Designed to facilitate safe and meaningful human connections, Chekmate works by adhering to its core values of transparency and security. Chekmate exists to help people discover authentic and genuine bonds. After years of hearing from friends who were frustrated by the inaccurate matches that other dating services provided, we wanted to create something different.
Our Goal
Our goal was to offer a dating app that didn’t waste anyone’s time. To do that, we’ve moved away from traditional texting communication. Instead, our app utilizes voice and video interaction only. By facilitating both the initial conversation and the actual meeting, Chekmate reduces the risks associated with online dating. Thanks to Chekmate, you never have to feel like you’re in this thing alone. We’ve partnered with local vendors and affiliates so that you can arrange your ideal date within minutes. Join us in discovering a new way to date.
Ready to take a new approach to dating?