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4 Relationship Green Lights To Look For When Dating Online

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Featured Blogger: Amina Oubijjane

We love to warn ya’ll about red flags when dating online to keep you safe from a clever catfish or a truckboy. But there’s a lot of good green lights to notice too!

Green lights are the positive things your crush will demonstrate early on (and throughout) the talking phase that are likely to contribute to a thriving relationship. These traits may seem subtle now but play a major role in the longevity of a meaningful connection.

It is kind of impossible to start or maintain a connection with someone without communication, but we’re more interested in quality than quantity.

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Getting a “good morning, sunshine!” text every day is cute. But the real winner is someone who can go deep, stimulate your mind, and doesn’t shy away from any topic. Someone whose convo flows effortlessly and keeps you interested is such an important green flag. Just be sure they listen as much as they talk.

Nothing is more awkward than an oversharer, but getting to know someone shouldn’t feel like squeezing water from a rock. The second relationship green light to look for when dating online is someone willing to be open, honest, and vulnerable. Are they giving brief, general responses to your questions? You won’t want to be pulling teeth from your someone special for years to come.

Respects Boundaries
Want to know if someone respects your or their own boundaries? Just observe how they behave when you say no. Whether you can’t make it to a video call, respond late to a text, or simply want to move the relationship at a different pace, someone who respects and honors your boundaries is a high-key green light for us.

Call it vibes, energy, or chemistry–it’s just one of those things that’s hard to define, but when it exists between two people it is felt and experienced so distinctly. The connection isn’t forced and one doesn’t have to try more than the other. Both of you match each other’s energy and flow.
This is usually the result of similar values, interests, and goals in life. Or just a mad level of respect and adoration for your new forever friend.

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As much as we love you, we don’t want you to be swiping profiles forever–we want you to ride off into the sunset with your bae! Keep an eye out for these 5 relationship green light when dating online to put a successful end to your swiping days.