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Summer Lovin, Happened So Fast… (and how to help your new love make it to Winter)

There is no time like summertime to fall in love. But hoping your flame doesn’t die out before winter? Here are 8 ways to make summer lovin’ last.

Never Stop Dating

Don’t be quick to skip the dating phase. Even though it feels safe to get comfortable in the relationship, you don’t want to stop creating little events around getting to know each other, earn each other, and keep the newness alive.

Don’t Hold Grudges

Nothing keeps love alive quite like forgiveness. We don’t encourage you to ignore red flags but don’t hold onto little mistakes that happen sparingly.

Enjoy Your Similar Interests

Some daters look only for what makes you both different and wonder why they can’t find love. If you feel the chemistry and compatibility, make things last by hyper-focusing on your similarities. Do things you both love, discuss topics you’re both inspired by, and bring the greatness out of each other. This even makes settling differences a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Don’t Forget Your Life (outside of your new love)

Summer lovin’ can feel like a whirlwind and have you so wrapped up in your daydreams and butterflies. Be careful not to forget about your friends, family, and hobbies. Move slow, continue to maintain focus on your personal goals, and you’ll find that your new love feels easy and like a natural part of your life.

Leave Love Notes

This is for girls and guys! There’s nothing like a personal, handwritten love note from your someone special. In a world of DM’s and sexting, it’s refreshing to go old school with your words of affection.

Keep it Fun

Life is serious enough, and if you grow old together you’ll have plenty of time to tackle the rough stuff as a team. So, if not always, at least in the beginning keep it light, fun, and fresh. Keep the butterflies alive with new, light-hearted love.

Grow Together

Nothing says commitment like the willingness to grow with each other as individuals and as a couple. Let them in on your goals and offer your time and efforts to help them achieve theirs. There’s nothing like knowing the one you’re falling for wants to be in your corner and witness you becoming your best self. 

Respect Space and Time

It’s tempting to be all over your summer crush, but a little time and space away will make you grow fonder. Leave a couple of weekends open to do your own thing and they do theirs. This encourages inter-dependence throughout the rest of the relationship which has proven to make relationships more fulfilling. 

Transform your summer fling into a real thing with these 8 steps towards lasting love.