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Share Your Growth: 5 Lifelong Lessons of 2020

How an unprecedented year showed us what we’re made of.

2020 felt a whole lot like something you read in a history book with a little bit of fictional drama, suspense, and horror. Except it was very real.

In some way, we were all impacted by the global pandemic. Your physical or mental health may have suffered, you lost someone, your wedding was canceled, the European trip that you saved and planned a decade for was canceled, you were furloughed or fired, your business failed, you had to move back in with mom and dad–the list could go on and on. But it’s fair to say we were all touched by some level of devastation or unwelcomed change.

But as with all tragedy, the silver lining is a great place to start when turning the page and ringing in the new year.

If we look closely, 2020 probably taught us more lessons within a 12-month timeframe than we may have gotten in a lifetime. Here are how some of these lessons can be carried into 2021 to rebuild our lives and relationships and to be more resilient than ever before.

#1 Filter Your Media Intake
2020 news has been filled with some dreadful statistics. It was almost impossible to open a social app without being bombarded with rising case numbers or sinking job figures. The one place where we were supposed to be able to connect during quarantine was no longer safe.

If you ever walked away from 15 minutes of scrolling on an app and found yourself in a terrible mood. A sense of dread, anxiety, loss of hope, and worst of all–fear became the result of consuming too much media, social or otherwise.

In 2021, choose apps that you know will honor your wellbeing and offer fact-supported information without triggering emotions that are hard to shake.

#2 Choose Your Company Wisley
If you were in lockdown with roommates, family, or a partner, you probably spent an inordinate amount of time with the company you don’t see as often. Some things probably came up that you learned to appreciate about the other, or recognize where your energy in the relationship should be limited.

Like social media, you may learn to enjoy people and places in moderation in the coming year. Life’s way too short to not be enjoying the company you keep.

#3 When You Can’t Go Out, Go Within
Without the usual nights out, networking events, or date days, 2020 demanded we spend more time with ourselves. It was a great chance to sift and sort through thoughts and feelings we may have overlooked for years. 2020 made us slow down and evaluate how we can take better care of ourselves, learn, unlearn, and even help others.

Even when you’re supported by loved ones or backed by a community, there is nothing that can replace the strength that comes with self-love and self-care. No one can understand and meet your needs the way only you can. Surviving the most intense year of our generation without our usual coping mechanisms deserves a badge of honor. And what better pride than the ability to protect and present our best selves regardless of the conditions or circumstances that might arise in 2021.

#4 Give Back to Your Community
On even our worst days in 2020, someone is having a tougher time. Few things are as rewarding as the selfless act of supporting your community by offering your time, services, or resources. With so much loss surrounding us in 2020, the best thing you can do is give back.

Giving back doesn’t just serve the practical needs of others. If you struggled with finding inspiration, joy, or purpose amongst the doom and gloom of this year, volunteering is the perfect way to get out of your own head and circumstance and focus on lifting others out of theirs. The ripple effect of gratitude is undeniable.

#5 Life Has Seasons
Nothing lasts forever. Not even the coronavirus. You will travel again, go on dates, and perhaps even live life without a mask. It will come. Life has seasons. And even though this has been a long and cold metaphorical winter for the world, spring is on the horizon. What new values, beliefs, or awareness will you carrying into 2021? Were these lessons themes in your life?

We know your experience is unique. Share your growth with us! What have you learned in 2020? In what ways are you forever changed?

The Chekmate community is so excited to move into the next season empowered, hopeful, and ready to pioneer how we connect, love, and share.