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4 Things to Look for in a Dating App.

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Featured Blogger: Amina Grace

No one is above dating apps. Even having multiple apps is okay, it is after all a numbers game. But which apps are worth it? Here are 4 things to look for in a dating app.

Dating App

  • Security

Dating apps should be a comfortable space to talk about yourself, post photos, and get to know other real people. Don’t overlook security features especially when the thirst is real. The more security features like identity and phone number confirmations, the safer to swipe. Apps that only allow voice and video are all the better. This makes catfishing impossible.

  • Additional features (more than a swipe)

You’re gonna need more than a little left – right action to keep my attention. Dating apps that offer additional features that allow you to build connections are more likely to lead to what you’re looking. Questionnaire and outing suggestions for your first date will keep an app on my home page.

  • Intentions

If word on the street refers to an app as a “hook-up” site, listen to the word. While intentions vary person to person, apps are designed to facilitate a certain level of connection. Ask your friends about experiences they’ve had and people they’ve met from different apps. Some dating apps may be more tailored to what you’re looking for. Some you’ll want to run away from.

  • Avoid outdated apps and sites

Online dating has been around since the internet. The newer the dating app the more likely it has learned from the mistakes of others. A new dating app is more likely to speak to what a majority of users (millennials) are looking for.

It’s important to be picky. This doesn’t only pertain to your matches but where you find them. Luckily, Chekmate has all its bases covered so you can look forward to a safe, fun, well developed dating app that brings well intentioned individuals together. Chekmate provides the dating app experience you’ve been waiting for.