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5 Tips to Attracting the Right Match on Chekmate

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5 Tips to Attracting the Right Match on Chekmate

Featured Blogger: Amina Grace

Have previous dating apps depleted your hopes to build genuine connections in the modern dating world? Have you swiped your way straight to single with no clue as to what you’re doing wrong? Chekmate is designed to not waste your time and takes your dating life seriously. Chekmate is more than a dating app, but a safe platform that promotes connecting authentic people who have a vested interest in getting to know their matches. All the tools are there, now it’s time to do your part to make the most of it. To help, here are 5 tips to attracting the right match on Chekmate.



  • Create a complete and detailed bio.

Giving your profile the attention it needs will draw the attention you deserve. A strong profile is all about a memorable bio. Your bio should be original and true to you. If you are serious about making connections with your Chekmate matches, apply effort when describing yourself and what you are looking for. Begin with who you are and what your interests include. Next up, describe what you’re looking for. Be honest, but always remember to focus on character not characteristics. Avoid mentioning how you prefer blondes and instead mention your liking to family oriented individuals. Focus on attracting the right people instead of repelling the wrong ones. Keep it clean, to the point, and be authentic. Don’t rely on witty one-liners to hold someone’s attention.



  • Tell a story with your photos. 

Go beyond the flesh when posting photos on your Chekmate profile. Tell a story of you and your lifestyle with pictures of you doing your favorite hobbies, at work, class, or at a cocktail party. The profile picture should be just you, avoid using a group photo for this one, it’s just confusing. The rest need not be selfies but shots with pets are encouraged! Posting at least four pictures gives a strong idea to potential matches of who you are and what you’re into, so best foot forward!



  • Swipe deliberately.



Unless the bathroom, lunchbreak, or Starbucks line is the only time you can put into discovering your Chekmate matches, carve out time in your week to sit down with a glass of wine and no distractions. Read through your potential matches before swiping, take the time to view each photo along with their completed bio. Vibes don’t always come immediately, if you are swiping in a rush you could miss out. Swiping alone is also important. Avoid having your best friend’s judgment, hearing “ooh girl, no!” can get discouraging, keep in mind that terrible blind date she set you up on. Go solo when swiping for your matches.



  • Make a move.


You’ve already made an awesome profile and got matched, the first move has been made. Chekmate gives you 3 days to communicate via voice call or video call with your matches before the fishies return to sea. Ladies, don’t put all the pressure on guys to make the first call, this is modern dating remember?


  • Go on an incredible first date.


You’ve made a stellar profile, caught quite a few eyes, took time to discover potentials, went after what you liked, now you’re headed to your first date, congrats! First dates are super exciting and sometimes stress inducing but this is what you came for, and quite honestly- it’s the best part. Select a date option provided by Chekmate or start with some facetime interaction. Should you decide to opt for a video call before meeting in person, treat it as a date. Dress up, go somewhere quiet and potentially romantic and meet your match. Video calls relieve some “first-time” nerves and can make the irl date that much more fun.


Chekmate wants your online dating app experience to be what you’ve always wanted and result in genuine connections. These 5 tips will guide you to make your dating app effective and real. Swipe on.