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Cheking in: Money and Class

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Topic: Money and Class

Many people associate class with symbols of wealth; luxury cars and designer brands. All of  these things revolve around money, but are zeros and commas really the key to having class?

There is no real correlation between having money and classiness. Each of us could name half a dozen reality shows that revolve solely around outrageous outbursts, and fighting amongst their well to do stars. So what is it that makes a person classy, if it isn’t the money?

Maybe it’s in the way they carry themselves – the attitude and behavior of the individual. Or maybe the most accurate measure of class is in how you influence those around you. Do you inspire others to be better versions of themselves?

 Our conclusion is that class is about character and style, not money. Broke college student? Guess what? You can still be classy. Get creative, ball on a budget. Don’t limit yourself by what is or isn’t in your bank account. Real class can’t be bought anyway.

So what are your thoughts? Is money required to have class? Chek-in below!