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Date Idea: Picnic

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Summer is wrapping up but the sun is still shining bright, take advantage of picnic season! A picnic can be the perfect date if planned correctly; we’re here to help you out with picnic essentials from the type of venue to what to put in your basket. Here’s top 12 Picnic Date essentials.


  1. Champagne- Popping a bottle of champagne of a picnic date, screams serendipity and will definitely score you brownie points!
  2. Water- It may be hot, so having a few waters on deck are essential.
  3. Umbrella – You never know if mother nature will take a turn, and it could end up pouring down rain -along with this keep a rain location in mind!
  4. Sandwich platter- This should be prepped the night before and include an array of sandwiches. Variety is best in case your date is vegan, vegetarian or simply doesn’t like a certain type of sandwich. If you only have one kind, you may have a hangry date with you.
  5. Vegetable platter- Having a vegetable platter with some hummus is a nice touch to it; it is something to snack on.
  6. Their favorite food – show extra thoughtfulness by asking about your date’s favorite snack a few days ahead of time and making sure to include it!
  7. Plates and cutlery- Disposable plastics are your best option here especially if you have plans afterward!
  8. Fruit- Strawberries and whipped cream. This combo is always a heart warmer, and with the freshness of the fruit and the cold whipped cream it will be refreshing. If you don’t like strawberries, there are many other fruits you can choose from.
  9. A Basket- Can’t carry all this in your hands, it has to be stored somewhere. And the classic brown basket is cool for snapchat pictures and Instagram posts.
  10. Two blankets – A blanket to sit on because you don’t want grass stains and a second in case it gets chilly in the evening time.
  11. Pillows- Grass isn’t the most comfortable place to lay your head, so having a pillow or two will be a nice touch.
  12. Scenery- Pick a place with a nice view, a park that overlooks a lake or water. Somewhere peaceful where you can talk and soak up the beautiful weather! Keep in mind if this is the first date with someone you’ve met online, public meet-up is always a great idea! Choose a park that’s not over-crowded but somewhat popular and even suggest meeting first at the coffee shop across the street. 


What are your thoughts, what makes the perfect picnic?