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Does your Summer Fling Make the Cut?

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Featured Blogger: LSmith

Summer is almost complete, the days are rapidly becoming shorter and you already may be starting to notice a slight chill in the air. For most of us the end summer of means getting back to business rather that’s a new semester or refocusing on professional goals.  It might be time to evaluate that summer love connection and ask yourself if they’re worth keeping around, lucky for you I have a short list that will help separate a fling from the real thing.

  1. Does your fling cling?  

Were the two of you together every second the entire month of July? If someone makes you feel guilty about hanging out with other friends, spending time enjoying your hobbies or just having some alone time, there’s no longevity here. Honeymoon phase obsessions scream fling not relationship.

2. Do you genuinely enjoy their company?

Sometimes the perfect setting can make a connection seem stronger than what it actually is. The budding romance that started while on vacation in Aruba might not seem as magical when you’ve both settled back into your normal routine. Likewise, amusement parks, jet skiing and wineries all make fabulous dates but when you aren’t doing something straight out of a romance novel are you still into this person? If you get butterflies from simple things like grabbing a cup of coffee together or catching up on the phone after work that’s a good sign!

  1. Is this conducive to productivity?

A great significant other motivates and supports! Rather it’s school, work or another personal goal, cheering each other on should come naturally. If this relationship is distracting and demotivating instead of helping you both grow, it’s probably not meant to go long term.

  1. Is this whole thing just moving too fast?

If you’ve tried to answer the last the few questions and you’re still not sure if it’s the real deal, things may be moving too fast! Take a week or two and change the pace, then reassess. Slowing down can help you see the relationship clearly for  what it is and hear your own thoughts!

What are your thoughts on seasonal romance? Share your tips in the comments!