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You Started Your First Video Chat – Now What?

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Featured Blogger: Christina Voors

It’s true, meeting someone via video has its’ differences from starting communication through text. You have less time to craft that perfect response, instead having to go where the conversation naturally takes you. Via text, you don’t have to worry about other factors that go into it: how your voice sounds, how you look, and so forth. For many of us, we are used to this detached version of conversation. So it’s time to video chat with your match, now what?

Starting communication over video is the closest you can get to meeting in real life. So when it’s time to start communicating, don’t over think it! Drop the spell check, and stop reading too much into a message. It’s time to let the conversation flow organically, or call it quits if it just can’t.

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You may be wondering, now that I matched, what exactly am I supposed to do for the first video? If you’re not used to video chatting through dating apps, you may be feeling unsure. Don’t worry, here’s some points to consider:

Show something interesting in your environment. Video can show so much more than a text ever could. At a comedy club and want to send a funny joke? At the beach and want to share that beautiful view? You can do all these things and more with video based communication. Start a connection with your match by sharing the world around you.

What excites you? Talking via video shows your nonverbal communication, so use this to your benefit! Talk about the things that matter to you, your excitement will come through and add another layer to who you are. Better yet, if those passions are shared, then you will form a real connection and a continuous conversation piece.

Show your true colors. You can really show your personality over video. Show who you are upfront, allowing the opportunity to see if you two can click before meeting in person. Video provides the opportunity of transparency, decreasing the frequency of misleading messages and images. Use that to your advantage by being unapologetically true to yourself.

Talk about current events. What is going on around us is always relevant for conversation. This can be anything from what’s occurring in your town (Fleet week, anyone?) to what is the latest news in your country. These topics can often be misconstrued over text, so video is the best way to see if you align on your views before meeting in person.

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Chekmate did not lightly decide to exclude texting. This is our chance to better connect with one another, using technology to become closer rather than more distant. Immediately get to know your match, see who you each truly are, show one another your passions.

It’s time to dive into the new way to date. The way that will bring us the best in-person dates. Because this way, you will already know that you two click.