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How to Have a Great First Date

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Featured Blogger: Christina Voors

First Date

It’s a pretty common testament that first dates are usually fairly awkward. There are many people who are turned off of dating for this reason, seeing these experiences as representative of the entire process. It’s also why when a first date feels natural and seamless, it stands out above all the rest.

Here’s the thing, there are ways to up your chances of a great first date. Luckily, dating apps like Chekmate incorporate these methods into the app, making it easy for you and a better experience all around.

Here are some tips on how to better your odds for a comfortable and enjoyable first date:

  • Get to know them before you meet

If you haven’t met this person before, it’s important to find a way to feel comfortable with them when you first get together. The best way to do this is to break out of the realm of small talk. You may want to start with the weather or what your weekend plans are, but wait until you have a real conversation before you plan your date. Talk about things that reveal unique characteristics about you, such as passions, hobbies, or music. This way, you will break some ground before your date, and have context for an easy conversation when you meet.


  • Determine if you have any feelings for this person

This isn’t easy to do over text because you lack many cues that give you an idea of attraction. You should know how their voice sounds, how they look on a standard day, and how your conversation flows. Without having any vocal communication before the date, you may arrive and immediately realize that you two will not be a fit. Decrease the odds of this happening by engaging in video chat. You will have a better connection with the person and also get a better idea of whether they are someone you would enjoy your time with.


  • Find a prime location

All dating spots are not created equal. Some will be so loud that you can’t hear what your date is saying, while others will be so empty that you feel uncomfortable. There are niche spots that may be great for a certain type of person, but not for your date. There are other spots that may just not be appropriate for a first meeting. All in all, it takes a surprising amount of thought to choose a great location. Luckily, Chekmate pairs with local vendors to choose those spots for you. From there, look at your options, and determine which is the best fit for you two.

First Date


By noting the above, you are saving yourself from many bad first dates. You will have excluded those that you would immediately see you don’t connect with. You will have real points of conversation ready to go, as opposed to dancing around small talk. You will be in a place that sets the best setting for you two to click. From there, you two can continue to grow something great.