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Half of Americans Fabricate Their Dating Profiles, But Here’s How You Can Spot a Fake

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Featured Blogger: Amina Oubijjane

34% of people have found out someone lied about their identity or have been catfished and over 53% of Americans fabricate parts of their dating profile. With stats like that, it’s no wonder you might be concerned. No one wants to be misled, we’ve done the research so that you can swipe with confidence.

Here are a few ways you can spot whether a person is who they say they are or just attempting to unrealistically market themselves.

Why Enhancing Your Profile Doesn’t Actually Help
Before we dive into profile red flags, it’s important to note that you may be doing this too. It could be your height, your career position, or your interests that are being fabricated or enhanced.

Ultimately, any untruths will be found out. Imagine actually really liking someone and on the first date, they mention something you’ve displayed on your dating profile. Baffled and caught off-guard you’d have to fess up and that’s just not likely to go over too well. Keep it cute and always keep it real.

No Social Media
Even though a lot of people are ditching their social media it’s a concern if they have no other evidence of an online presence. Not even a LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook? Could be a cause for concern.
Professional Photoshoot
When photos look professional, heavily edited, and don’t include any real-world shots–they may not belong to the person claiming them. It’s okay to have one or two of these, as long as they’re amongst a few selfies or them doing an activity they enjoy or with a group of people.

A Bare Bio
An empty description is more like a yellow flag than a red one. If it’s paired with just a single photo and no other indicators of who they are and what they’re about–run for the hills. If it’s not a fake profile it’s clearly someone not willing to put in the work to find a match.

Bizarre Descriptions
On the other hand, a bio that uses exuberant words like royalty or famous are usually ones you want to dodge. If they claim to be a Nigerian Prince, have them prove it. At the very least it would be entertaining.

False Intentions
Are they plugging their Soundcloud or socials? Their profile might be real but they’re intentions aren’t. Avoid falling for people who come to dating apps for clout instead of connection.

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