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I Don’t Text Back and Here’s the Reason Why.

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Featured Blogger: L Smith

When text messaging first hit the scene, I like everyone else was obsessed. I was the T9 queen, I knew the text lingo, I could even text without looking. Fast-forward to 2017 and for some reason I find myself losing interest in text conversations so easily. I have an embarrassing number of unread messages and deserted text threads, that began promising then faded to nothing. What‘s sad is I always start with full intention of having a great conversation! Then somehow the replies get further and further apart. Someone says something that doesn’t make sense or sometimes I just get distracted and welp, that’s it.

I tell everyone not to take it personally, I don’t discriminate when it comes to my terrible texting. I forget to reply to my closest friends and even my mother (these people already know to just call me instead). When it comes to someone I’ve met online the odds were already against you. I think that many millennials are beginning to share this sentiment. Those of us in the terrible texting crew prefer snapchat and video calls. But why is this the case? I have a few ideas…


We think Fast and Have Short Attention Spans

We live in a world  with many distractions. Ten years ago the only other things to do on my phone besides texting were snake and hangman. Now I have the whole world in my hand. If the conversation even starts to get dry you’ve already lost me. I’m reading fake news on Instagram or watching youtube videos. We haven’t even gotten to the real life distractions of work, school and family.


We Crave Experience

I build my life on experience and I’m sorry, but random text message small talk is not an experience. LOL will never compare to a real laugh and emojis are not real emotion. Why would I spend my lunch break texting you when I can just enjoy my lunch with whomever I’m actually eating with. The difference between texting and calling is that when you call, I experience your personality – I experience your voice and if its a video call your face. Bad texters aren’t necessarily bad communicators. The bad texter may be the best person to go out with because you’re likely to have their undivided attention, they rather focus on what’s actually in front of them.


We Prefer What’s Authentic

If you’ve done any research on millennials you’ve learned, that we prefer transparency, people who keep it real and things that just make sense. I don’t have time to play guessing games with you, if I don’t know what that text meant I probably won’t reply right away and if I don’t reply right away I might forget to reply at all. Real-time communication is the winner here because it’s exactly that; real. Initiating a new romance or a new friendship through text doesn’t feel authentic and it probably never will. I want to spend time with you so let’s get to the point, call me, or better yet let’s just make plans!

Fortunately there is good news for the terrible texter – finally a dating platform has been created that promotes real-time communication and authentic dating experiences. You no longer have to worry about forgetting to reply, because this new app completely removed texting anyway!  It was made for us and it’s simple in the best kind of way…when you date with Chekmate you get real conversations and real dates.