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What’s Your Online Love Language?



Featured Author: Amina Grace

If you haven’t heard of it by now, The Five Love Languages is a relationship and self-help book written by Dr.Gary Chapman. It was written for people to understand how they and their partner best express and experience the feeling of being loved.

There’s nothing like having the secret answer to making someone you care about feel special and wanted. But when dating online or long-distance, the ways you express and experience closeness and connection with your SOS differs. So, we’ve come up with our own set of online dating love languages. Which one do you best identify with? Can you tell what your bae prefers?

The Email Expert
Do you start your day checking emails? If you find your lover’s name in your inbox among all the others and your heart skips a beat, you may swoon over the email expert. Alternatively, if you love to express your thoughts and feelings through written (typed) words–this may be the online love language that you speak.

The email expert tends to enjoy long, modern-day letters to catch up as opposed to many short texts throughout the week. It’s a little old fashion but “You’ve Got Mail” is a romantic classic after all.

The Videographer
Getting videos from your sweetheart just hits different. You can see their expressions and emotions behind their words. Or perhaps you like to share your daily doings and whereabouts with a quick video.It’s about as close to being IRL as you can get when dating online. The videographer also prefers more facetime than texts or audio calls.

The Photographer
From selfies to the cute dogs you spot in the park, if you like sending and receiving photos from your person often, you may be or desire the photographer’s love language.
We have success stories here on Chekmate that swear by good morning selfies every day without question.

The Meme Master
When you come across a hilarious or sentimental meme do you instinctually forward it to bae? The Meme Master loves lightening the mood or making their partner laugh. A good sense of humor is welcome in every relationship, is it how you show or feel the love?

The Big Talker
The big talker prefers phone calls over all else. If you are or date the big talker, be sure to carve out time in your day or week because these conversations are in it for the long haul. This online dating love language would translate to the “quality time” love language as written by Dr. Chapman.

Mix and Match
It’s important to know which online love language you speak, it helps you narrow what you’re looking for when talking with your Chekmate matches. And remember to get to know theirs too! It might be time to up your meme game or email writing expertise to win over their heart.