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It’s Time to Get to Know Your Matches

Featured Blogger: Christina Voors It becomes a routine. You swipe left, swipe right, and acquire your matches.  Now is the time you are supposed to get to know these potential partners, right?    Unfortunately, far too often these matches are left in a deserted pile of  unfulfilled communication. Perhaps it was due to a simple text killer, such as ‘k’ or  ‘cool’, that ended the entire conversation. Maybe it was simply due to disinterest in  the conversation at hand.     No matter what the cause, it made me wonder: how many of these failed  connections could have been really great in person? Who have we missed out on  because we didn’t have the chance to get to know the person on the other side of the  screen?    Well, it’s time we discuss some tips and tricks on how to best ensure that you don’t lose out on some great opportunities:    Ask open-ended questions: If it can be answered with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’,  rephrase to encourage longer answers.  For example, instead of asking ‘do you like  your job’, rephrase into ‘how do you like your job’. Simple changes can bring forward a much more engaging conversation.    Share music: It is amazing how much conversation can be opened up by  sharing music you enjoy. It brings a deeper level of communication, discussing how  the songs did or didn’t resonate with you and why.    Go off the beaten path: Some matches will have an influx of messages, all  more-or-less the same. These become easy messages to ignore, as they feel …
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Why Do Millennials Struggle With Commitment?

Featured Guest Blogger: Darlene Aniebonam Commitment. A simple word with such a complex meaning. I thought about it today and what it has meant to me in the past, and what…
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The Right to Be Carefree Online

Featured Blogger: Christina Voors Mobile dating apps can truly be a carefree form of fun. You simply swipe through people in your town, determine if you think you will click,…
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4 Things to Look for in a Dating App.

Featured Blogger: Amina Grace No one is above dating apps. Even having multiple apps is okay, it is after all a numbers game. But which apps are worth it? Here…
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Look Out: The Importance of Meeting Location

Featured Blogger: Christina Voors First date spots can go one of three ways: it can be fine, uncomfortable, or never seen.  Yes, never seen can happen. I’ve had a few…

Why Texting Will Never be Enough

Featured Blogger: Christina Voors Many of us have people in our lives that we have such great connections with, but never see that transfer into the digital realm. They may…

5 Tips to Attracting the Right Match on Chekmate

5 Tips to Attracting the Right Match on Chekmate Featured Blogger: Amina Grace Have previous dating apps depleted your hopes to build genuine connections in the modern dating world? Have…
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How to Spot, Handle, and Avoid Online Catfish

How to Spot, Handle, and Avoid Online Catfish You’ve probably heard of them, if you haven’t experienced one for yourself. Catfish, a form of deceit used to ensnare victims into…
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