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Moving? Here’s Why You Should Online Date.

Featured Blogger: Christina Voors It’s that time of year again, one of those summer months where landlords are raising rent prices because of competition. Yes, it’s moving season, people. All…
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First Date Fashion

You’re about to go on the first date with your Chekmate match, but before you can decide how to break the ice or introduce yourself, you need to figure out…

Does your Summer Fling Make the Cut?

Featured Blogger: LSmith Summer is almost complete, the days are rapidly becoming shorter and you already may be starting to notice a slight chill in the air. For most of…
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Support Texas VOAD

In place of this Wednesday’s blog post we would like to encourage everyone to support the state of Texas and those affected by Hurricane Harvey during this difficult time. Below is…

Online Dating: Red Flags

Featured Blogger: Christina Voors There’s nothing like a dating app to make you realize how many single people are around you. Suddenly, your town is filled with options! With that,…

Date Idea: Picnic

Summer is wrapping up but the sun is still shining bright, take advantage of picnic season! A picnic can be the perfect date if planned correctly; we’re here to help you…
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How to Have a Great First Date

Featured Blogger: Christina Voors It’s a pretty common testament that first dates are usually fairly awkward. There are many people who are turned off of dating for this reason, seeing…

Cheking in: Money and Class

Topic: Money and Class Many people associate class with symbols of wealth; luxury cars and designer brands. All of  these things revolve around money, but are zeros and commas really…

You Started Your First Video Chat – Now What?

Featured Blogger: Christina Voors It’s true, meeting someone via video has its’ differences from starting communication through text. You have less time to craft that perfect response, instead having to…
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