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6 Safety Tips

6 Safety Tips for Online Dating

We want you to date, dine, and adventure with confidence. When it comes to online dating, your safety is the only thing more important to us than

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Half of Americans Fabricate Their Dating Profiles, But Here’s How You Can Spot a Fake

Featured Blogger: Amina Oubijjane 34% of people have found out someone lied about their identity or have been catfished and over 53% of Americans

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How to Move Past the “Talking” Phase When Dating Online

Featured Blogger: Amina O. Ah, the infamous “talking” phase. That weird in-between stage where you haven’t spent much time in person but

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Dating During Quarantine: Now’s The Best Time to Date Online

Rom-coms aren’t going to tide you over during quarantine, and they shouldn’t have to. If you’re single during this time of self-isolation,

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Moving? Here’s Why You Should Online Date.

Featured Blogger: Christina Voors It’s that time of year again, one of those summer months where landlords are raising rent prices because of

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First Date Fashion

You’re about to go on the first date with your Chekmate match, but before you can decide how to break the ice or introduce yourself, you need

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