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Cheking in: Money and Class

Topic: Money and Class Many people associate class with symbols of wealth; luxury cars and designer brands. All of  these things revolve around

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You Started Your First Video Chat – Now What?

Featured Blogger: Christina Voors It’s true, meeting someone via video has its’ differences from starting communication through text. You have

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I Don’t Text Back and Here’s the Reason Why.

Featured Blogger: L Smith When text messaging first hit the scene, I like everyone else was obsessed. I was the T9 queen, I knew the text lingo, I

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It’s Time to Get to Know Your Matches

Featured Blogger: Christina Voors It becomes a routine. You swipe left, swipe right, and acquire your matches. 

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Why Do Millennials Struggle With Commitment?

Featured Guest Blogger: Darlene Aniebonam Commitment. A simple word with such a complex meaning. I thought about it today and what it has meant to

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The Right to Be Carefree Online

Featured Blogger: Christina Voors Mobile dating apps can truly be a carefree form of fun. You simply swipe through people in your town, determine if

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